Our Nursery

Mission Statement

Our role has been to ensure we provide a safe and secure learning environment for children. We do this by instilling an understanding that learning is embedded through determination, opportunity and fulfillment.  Our main aim is to place overall importance on your child’s need to be secure in their self-esteem, caring of those around them, be able to socialize and grow the feeling that they can achieve.

About Us

Clementswood Nursery was established in 2003. The manager taught in Primary School for 8 years, decided to make a career shift to Early Years, that’s when Clementswood started.  We are aware of the faith that you must have to entrust our nursery with your child.  We hope that you will come and meet us and see our nursery as it operates.

We are a 38 place nursery and we cater for children aged 3 months to 5 years.  Over the years we have served the local community supporting children.  Our team are highly skilled in planning teaching around the child’s individual needs to encourage the learning progress.  We have strong links with Redbridge EYCIT team who support and monitor our practice and developments.

“Children enjoy their time at nursery. They are supported by an enthusiastic staff team who ensure that children’s interests and home cultures are linked into planning systems. Older children are well prepared for their move to school as they show good levels of concentration and delight in sharing their emerging reading, writing and counting skills. Staff continually monitor children’s progress and have an accurate knowledge of where they need help to improve. Staff present positive role models to children. They are kind and patient and consistently praise children for their achievements. This supports their self-esteem and the development of secure emotional attachments. Children are happy and settled in the setting as they confidently make choices about their play.” (Ofsted Nov 2015)

Aims for children

  • Respect the needs of all within the Nursery, with regards to their cultural, religious, and language needs to promote the children’s self esteem and self-value.
  • Provide, and facilitate, a learning environment following the EYFS framework, which is safe, secure and above all fun.
  • Provide a tailored learning programme to allow children to make steady progress in their developmental journey, and our goal is to prepare children for school, develop their confidence and level of independence.
  • To promote a healthy, balanced and varied diet, that caters for the dietary needs of all children in our care.
  • Provide an enriching experience for all children through a variety of age appropriate natural and real life resources in our safe indoor and outdoor areas to encourage all year round learning through play.