No Collection Policy

To ensure that no child ever goes missing whilst within the nursery, we ask that all parents to ensure that when entering and leaving the premises they close the main front door. Again, when inside the premises, we request that all internal doors/ stair gates are closed.

Nursery staff update registers for every group within the nursery. This also records the time that each child arrives and departs the nursery. This helps us to make sure that we always know how many children are on site at any given time

If a parent fails to collect their child at the end of the session, we immediately try to make contact with either parent/ carer using the telephone numbers on the child’s registration form. If we cannot make contact with parent/ carer we would then try to contact the authorised/ nominated collectors stated.

If we are unable to contact anyone on these numbers by 6.30pm, we would then contact Social Services and Child Protection Section at the Police station.

In the event of a child being lost whilst under the care of the nursery, the Nursery Manager/Deputy should search the whole nursery e.g., garden, all playrooms, toilets and kitchen. While the Manager does this, there should be as many other staff members searching the grounds.

If in the unlikely event that the child has not been found, the appropriate parties should be informed. Firstly the Children’s Social Care, Police, then family/carers.

Dropping-off and collection (late collection) procedure

  • Nursery staff will respond to the buzzer and the parent will bring the child to the appropriate room. Within the room the staff will greet the parent and child and record on the register the name and time of arrival. Staff will use this opportunity to have a brief chat with the parent with regards to any matter that concerns the child (e.g. a change of person collecting the child from nursery. Also, update on child’s current health, medication or accidents at home).
  • Parents shall be requested to close the doors and stair gates on arrival and departure for the safety of the children.
  • Parents cannot leave the children prior to the opening time.
  • During collection, room staff will record when child has been collected and inform parent about child’s general progress.
  • If parent collects child late repeatedly, then nursery manager shall be informed and parent will be notified with the additional fee that shall be levied. The late fee charge is £1.00 (one pound)/minute.
  • On registration, nursery will gather details of authorised collection persons nominated by parents. It is required that parents provide contact numbers and addresses and copy of photo ID document of each authorised persons to be retained in the nursery contact file for use when emergency collection is required. We would generate a password for the family at the same time. Authorised persons must be aged over 18 years of age.