Ladybird Room

Room Expectations

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Is about showing interest in others’ play and begin to join in; separate from main carers with support and begin to show understanding of some boundaries and routines.

Communication and Language

Is about learning to show interest in play with sounds, songs and rhymes; working towards understanding more complex sentences and speaking using simple sentences of up to 3-4 words.

Physical Development

Is about using opportunities of energetic play to build confidence with gross motor skills especially balancing and co-ordination and for children to use routine opportunities to practice their fine motor skills with dressing, self feeding and toiletting.


Children within the room:
  • Bring in toy/ comforter from home (settlers).
  • Nappies/pull ups, wipes and nappy cream.
  • Suitable jacket and shoes (easy to put on and take off)
  • Spare clothing (messy activities, meal times, toilet training)
  • Depending to weather; Sunny-sun cream and sun hat; Cold/rainy-scarf, hat, wellies.
  • The children will be provided with own sleep box to store spare clothing, nappy & wipes, personalised pegs, placemats and name cards so children has a sense of belonging.


  • This room is from 18 months to 3 years.
  • Any questions you have with your child, talk to your child’s key person and or the room leader.
  • Ratio- under 2— 1:3
  • Over 2— 1:4
  • We carry out the statutory 2 year old Progress Check, to assess their progression and plan relevant support.
  • When your child is 2 and a half years old, we encourage the children to talk about how their day was.
  • To encourage the parents to participate in outings  and activities within the room.
  • Need to provide consistency and support when promoting independence.
  • To eliminate the bottle, have soiled foods, no dummy and maintain stable routine both at nursery and home.
  • If your child expresses disruptive behaviour, talk to the room leader and or management.
  • Strategies  can be shared that you can implement at home and within the setting.