Bumble Bee Room

Room Expectations

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:
  • To enjoy being with other babies and grown-ups, look at faces and move their arms and legs to show that they like to be with them.
  • Can use their voice or look at you to get your attention and tell you that they need or want something.
  • To express how they feel through facial expressions, gurgling and babbling.
Communication and Language:
  • To recognise own name when called.
  • Show excitement when favourite nursery rhymes are sang.
  • Make different sounds when adult speaks to them.
Physical Development:
  • To explore objects and environments by using all five of their senses.
  • Move around furniture whilst holding on.
  • Pick up foods between thumb and forefinger and feed self.


  • Own beaker and bottle that will be kept at nursery, washed and sterilized for each day the child attends nursery.
  • Own nappies and wipes stored in the child’s personal drawer along with nappy cream and teething gel if apporpriate.
  • Spare clothes, appropriate for messy activities such as painting or garden play.
  • Any comforters that your child will need throughout the day. E.g. dummy, blanket or favourite toys (especially when settling).
  • Depending on weather provide appropriate clothing. e.g. (Rain/cold) Warm coat, hat, gloves. (Sunny) Sun hat, sun cream, cool clothing.


  • This room is for 4 months to 18 months.
  • When your child is due to transfer to a new room, a room transfer sheet will be completed and a settling period will take place before your child moves.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak to your child’s key person or the room leader.
  • The ratio for Bumble Bee Room is 1:3
  • We support and guide parents to ease the transition with weaning from bottle, dummy and other routine changes.
  • To encourage children’s physical development we carry out physical activities such as ball rolling games or placing musical and noisy toys on tables, which will encourage children to crawl, stand and walk.
  • We sing lots of nursery rhymes to help children’s speech and make them feel comforted when settling.
  • We have lots of sensory toys as babies learn through touch, sight, sound and even taste.
  • Through their experience they start to have an understanding of how things work.
  • Occasionally we take the children on small local outings, depending on the weather.  Parents are always informed beforehand when it will take place and where they will be going. We require parents’ consent which will be taken on the Local Outing Consent form.
  • We have a routine we follow however it is very flexible as babies have their own individual routines they need to follow.
  • As they get older and more settled, slowly they will adapt to the nursery routine.