Activities & Education

Learning and Development

We welcome children from 0 to 5 years. We recognise and respect that each child’s needs and stages of development are individual.  We are required to use EYFS framework (Early Years Foundation Stage) to ensure that parents can be confident that their child will receive a quality experience that supports their development and learning.

EYFS guidance helps adults to understand and support each individual child’s development pathway.  The Areas of development are all interconnected which helps child to engage with other people and their environment through playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically and thus enabling the child to continue as an effective and motivated learner.  Children develop in the context of their environment around them and their relationships and we understand that this is unique to each family, and reflects individual communities and cultures.

The nursery endeavours to work in partnership with parents and carers to promote the learning and development of each child in our care.  We value the contributions of carer and expect co-operation with Settling in, stating point and ongoing sharing of information.

An individual child will be supported and encouraged to progress from having positive relationships and an enabling environment. The child’s development will be carefully guided through the use of the EYFS framework.

Ongoing assessment and support

The nursery will allocate a key person to each child who will develop a close relationship with the child and family.

This will provide a basis for a smooth partnership between the nursery and home enabling seamless care and learning for the child.

Keyperson plan my special week through information sharing between key person and parent to support child’s needs, interests and achievements. A starting point check will be completed with parent and key person after the 2nd week of starting at the nursery. This information will be used to plan subsequent activities which are both challenging and enjoyable.

The Nursery is an inclusive environment dedicated to ensuring that every child in our care gets the best start to their education. A child with SEN are supported in their learning by keypersons in our setting who have a role in identifying children’s needs and ensuring the right support is put in place through a graduated approach. They will be given extra help to make sure that they receive the most successful and fulfilling education they can.

Throughout your child’s experience at our nursery, we aim to strengthen and broaden their current learning and development.

Statutory Progress Check

The key person will use the on-going information gathering process to create a picture of the developmental achievements of the child between the ages of 27-35 months.

The nursery completes the progress check for 2 year old within the term after their 2nd birthday, (Health Visitor will be involved in this process with targeted families only).  Any concerns about the development will be shared with the parent and further next steps will be discussed and agreed. If necessary, the nursery will access advice from other professionals to create a targeted plan to encourage further learning and development for the child.